Here’s what you’ll discover inside this course:

• The definition of meditation; 
• How popular misconceptions about meditation differ from the reality; 
• The history of meditation; 
• How meditation transitioned from a religious ritual to everyday practice for your health; 
• 2 primary categories of meditation; 
• 5 key elements of meditation; 
• 2 popular meditation tools; 
• 9 main benefits of meditation; 
• How meditation improves stress; 
• How meditation improves the mind;
• How meditation affects 4 regions of the brain; 
• How meditation affects the body; 
• How meditation calms your mind and body; 
• How to use meditation to calm your mind and body; 
• 3 key types of meditation practices; 
• How to meditate with movement; 
• How to meditate with observations; 
• How to meditate with affirmations; 
• How to create your own affirmations; 
• How to create a daily meditation practice; 
• Ways to incorporate meditation into your daily meditation routine; 
• Tips for sticking to your daily meditation routine; 
• How to meditate to rejuvenate your soul; 
• How to journal for meditation;

And much more!

Meditation For Busy People

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